My name is Naza Holliman.

I am the founder and writer of Sweet P and Sky.

I am the founder of Sweet P and Sky Playdates, or SPS Playdates

I am the owner of Holliman Marketing

I am a daughter to two loving parents

I am a wife to my favorite person, Mr. Craig Holliman

I am a mother to two insanely beautiful, fun and loving toddlers; Princeton, who is four, and Skyler, who is 2 years old.

I am a stepmom to Miss Hailey, our beautiful almost 16 year old, who’s hilarious and loving ways warm my heart.

For the past year and a half, I have been working on my passion project, Sweet P and Sky, a blog about family, adventure, marriage and lifestyle.A blog about my life as a mother, a wife, a free spirit, coupled with some fun reviews and things to do as a family.  But mostly, it’s a blog I write, to show moms and their families, that adventure does not have to stop when you become parents.

I remember my first couple of months as a new mom.  I was home with my precious baby boy, so in love, but my world had been turned upside down.  What struck me most about those first few weeks, and months, was not how difficult it was to take care of a baby.  It was never the lack of sleep, warm meals or daily showers.  It was not the exhaustion, although there was plenty of that to go around.  What struck the biggest blow to my adventurous self was, the inability to just get up and leave the house.

Everything was based around my tiny infant’s sleep and feeding schedule.  Not to mention, I was still healing from an emergency C-Section.  Life as I knew it stopped, and I started to feel trapped in my own home.  I had lost a freedom, that I was never prepared to lose.  By nature, I like to explore.  Whether it’s a rugged hike, a chic new restaurant, or a new exhibit, I feel the need to see it, and experience it.

I was ready to take on the baby, full speed ahead.  But no one ever told me that I would lose my ability to get up and go wherever and whenever I wanted.

Luckily, I was only at a loss for a very short time.

As soon as I felt strong enough, hubby and I packed up our two week old, and headed to the Zoo.  That day, was the day I realized that our adventurous life did not have to end, it was just in need of a few modifications.  Since that day, we have been on countless adventures as a family, and as a married couple.

As a new mother, I posted pictures of everything on my personal social media accounts.  We all know how that is.  Well, because we did so much, my inbox became inundated with questions about what we thought about the places we visited, and what would be next on our to-do list.  This, is how Sweet P and Sky was created.

I named the blog after my boys, Princeton and Skyler, because they are who inspired me to continue to be me.

Through Sweet P and Sky, I began to meet hundreds of parents.  Mostly mothers.  I began to see a part of motherhood which is rarely discussed, the isolation and loneliness, especially of first time moms.

Time and time again, I saw friends struggle as they became mothers.  Time and time again, I was reminded of my own feelings of isolation, even as an experienced mom, when I had my second baby boy.

I remembered those first few days of isolations, the days when all the dust had settled, hubby was back at work (if hubby was even able to take his family leave), and people stopped visiting. Those days and nights when it’s just you and the baby 24/7.  You are too scared to leave the house by yourself, you are too lonely to stay home.  You have never in your life spent so much time with a baby. You miss your friends, you miss yourself, you miss your freedom and no one seems to understand you.

What’s more is, most mothers feel that they have no right to complain.  Here they are, with a precious gift from God, how could they ever complain?

I realized quickly, that no one will ever understand a mother, the way another mama can.  We all know that loneliness, that loss of self, that loss of friendship, and freedom.  No one will ever understand the way we are bound to our children and no one will ever understand how our world and schedule, revolves around them.  No one will ever understand the powerful bond between mother and child, and the space in our heads, where they are everything, pure love, but we pray for them to go to sleep, count the minutes… only to miss them the minute that they do.

I wanted to let all of these women know that it gets easier, and it becomes fun.  Our children wear us out, they give us pure, unconditional love, they show us how to let our walls down and just have crazy, stupid fun.  But even when that happens, and along the way, we all need someone who understands.  Someone who doesn’t mind hearing you go on and on about how amazing your little one is, or how tired you are.  This is why I created SPS Playdates.

It started as a fun idea for a Facebook group called Valley Mamas, and has since evolved.

Our play dates are open to all, and have been absolutely free with the help of vendors such as Kids WaterBaja Fresh in Porter RanchQuinn’s CookiesMiLo Ink BooksThe Traveling Tea Pot, Smarty Pants Vitamins, The Coop in Woodland Hills, and so many more.

Through Sweet P and Sky, and SPS Playdates, I truly hope to give mothers and their families, a sense of community, understanding and a bit of their lives back, in a time when their lives are anything but their norm.

It’s been a fun road, one that will grow into something bigger and better with every blog post and play date.

Super Mom Sunday/Mommy feature Monday!: ALL THINGS NAZA!

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